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Reinforced Polyethylene Billboards and Banners

FABRENE® PIXEL™ Polyethylene Media is engineered specifically for use in large format printing of posters, banners and billboards. Whether you are printing with UV or solvent-based inks, FABRENE® can offer you a media fabric that is compatible with your process.

Our woven polyethylene fabrics are becoming the standard in the industry due to their recyclability, high strength to weight ratio and ease to work with. They excel throughout the printing process, the finishing process and the installation process.

Fabrene Guarantee

If one of our existing products will not meet your requirements, Fabrene’s technical staff will design and produce a specific product that will work for your business. Fabrene, Inc. prides itself in continuously providing its customers with outstanding products, technical support and service that go beyond expectations. Our highly trained sales and service staff will provide the answers you need for your specific synthetic media applications.


PIXEL 20 PIXEL™ 20 PE Media polyethylene fabric offers an economical alternative to your UV-curable wide format media needs. Engineered for durability, it offers light weight, flexibility, and durability in the most stringent climates. UV Resistant - 6 months
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PIXEL 40 PIXEL™ 40 PE Media polyethylene fabric is a premium substrate that can offer performance with reasonable economics on UV-curable wide format platforms. Engineered for a superior brightness, it is the logical choice for higher detail media needs. UV Resistant - 6 months
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PIXEL 60 PIXEL™ 60 PE Media polyethylene fabric is a heavy weight UV-curable wide format substrate that can battle through the toughest challenges. Engineered for its incredible strength, it is the logical choice for applications that demand durability and longevity. UV Resistant - 1+ Years
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