Fabrene, Inc. manufactures high quality woven coated polyethylene and polypropylene membranes used in a variety of liner and cover applications. Fabrene® matches our outstanding manufacturing capabilities with industry leading technical assistance and mechanical expertise. No matter the application, from grain covers to oilfield pit liners, Fabrene® has a product that will meet your needs.

Fabrene Guarantee

If one of our existing products will not meet your requirements, Fabrene’s technical staff will design and produce a specific product that will meet technical and budgetary needs. Fabrene Inc. prides itself in continuously providing its customers with outstanding products, technical support and service that go beyond expectations. Our highly trained sales and service staff will provide the answers you need for your specific containment and cover applications.

Polyethylene Reinforced Liners & Geosynthetics

FABRENE® LC Geomembranes lining solutions are used to separate, protect and contain solids and liquids. FABRENE® LC Geomembranes are used extensively for lining and cover applications in the pulp and paper, mining and chemical industries. Whatever your application, there's a FABRENE® LC Geomembrane to handle it.

Typical Applications:

  • irrigation and canal liners
  • interim landfill caps
  • golf course and fire reservoir ponds
  • settling basins
  • portable water supply
  • soil remediation
  • landscape ponds
  • barriers
  • blankets
  • curtains

Woven Coated Polyethylenes:

12 mil: LC12

12 mil: LC12TL

14 mil: LC14

16 mil: LC16

20 mil: LC20

20 mil: LC20TL

30 mil: LC30

40 mil: LC40

String Reinforced Polyethylenes:

40 mil: LCS40

UV Resistant - 5+ years