Fabrene Guarantee

If one of our existing products will not meet your requirements, Fabrene’s technical staff will design and produce a specific product that will meet technical and budgetary needs. Fabrene Inc. prides itself in continuously providing its customers with outstanding products, technical support and service that go beyond expectations. Our highly trained sales and service staff will provide the answers you need for your specific product needs.

You need it, we create it!

Chances are, you are looking for something that doesn’t exist. Fabrene, Inc. specializes in customization and adaptation. Our expertise and know-how can offer your company the best solution for you application requirements. Our manufacturing flexibility can offer you a tailored fabric or multi-composite structure that can deliver performance, functionality, and economical advantages. For a glimpse of our capabilities and expertise, contact us and we can find a solution for your application.
UV Resistant - 7+ Years Fire Resistant Any Colour