Fabrene® is a preeminent industry leader and recognized global supplier of a broad selection of high quality coated woven and non-woven polyolefin based fabrics for users in a variety of select markets. Fully vertically integrated, we use our production expertise and manufacturing platforms to consistently produce quality products for a range of markets including Building & Construction, Geo-membrane, Print Media and Industrial Packaging. Fabrene has a strong history of innovation and offers unique product design and development capabilities that allows us to be the partner of choice for companies seeking innovative and sustainable product solutions. All of our facilities have ISO 9001 certification and our commitment to excellent Customer Service is aimed at helping clients succeed.


Fabrene is a wholly owned division of Berry Plastics Group Inc. Berry is a global, publicly traded corporation based in Evansville Indiana. Fabrene is part of Berry's Charlotte NC based HH&S division which provides fabric and film protective solutions for a variety of Health-care, Hygiene and Specialty end-uses.

Headquartered in North Bay, Ontario, Fabrene operates 2 manufacturing plants specialising in the production of wide width coated polyolefin products with extensive manufacturing capability in extrusion, weaving, coating, multi-layer laminating and flexographic printing. Fabrene sells globally across multiple industrial end use segments.

Our key to success and creation of value is our Employee’s commitment to Safety, Quality and Customer Service and our value of Integrity, Trust and Accountability.